Building a successful brand, business, or online presence today requires understanding the web’s ins and outs and today’s most popular marketing methods. With various underutilized traffic sources, you can begin attracting new visitors to your website in less time and without requiring steep investments in powerful advertising platforms, such as Google AdWords.

What are Traffic Sources?

Traffic sources in terms of the internet include any location that has specifically directed a user to another website or web page. Traffic sources can range from standard popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and DuckDuckGo, to various forms of media and free resources you have provided to users and prospective customers.

Understanding untapped traffic sources can give you insight into which traffic sources are best for your business while giving you more opportunities to connect with your own users and customers.

1. Use Untapped Social Media Platforms

One of the best technologies for underutilizing traffic is social media. With a range of platforms available, using multiple social media platforms simultaneously can significantly increase the overall engagement and traffic you receive on your official website.

Untapped social media platforms might include social networks such as Pinterest, Tumblr, and even Etsy, depending on the target demographics you intend to reach and the purpose of your business or brand. Before choosing the untapped social media platforms that fit your target audience, consider the age range and gender of the users you intend to target with your social media presence.

2. Register as a Member of Online Communities, Forums, and Message Boards

Viral marketing efforts can go a long way when implemented and executed properly. Getting in on the ground and communicating with your target audience personally is extremely beneficial for any business or brand, regardless of your industry.

Registering as a member of online message boards, forums, and social media communities provides valuable insight into the wants, needs, and demands of those you wish to appeal to with your own brand.

Becoming a member of various relevant online communities is not just a great way to collect information and useful data, but it is also a way to genuinely connect with those who have a need or use for your business.

By connecting with your target audience, you can easily convey the messages you have in mind for your brand and the products it represents.

3. Take Advantage of Image and Media-Sharing Platforms

If you are looking for a way to spread the word about your brand online but want to do so using a unique method, consider registering on various image and media-sharing platforms.

Image-sharing platforms are highly optimized for uploading and sharing images while also including metadata and SEO information, or search engine optimization data. With the use of image and media-sharing platforms, you can easily launch viral marketing campaigns while also spreading the word about your business and brand via logos, color schemes, and coordinated graphics used in each individual campaign.

Image and media-sharing platforms are also ideal for those interested in boosting their official website search engine optimization, or SEO, of their official websites. Using hashtags, relevant terms, and official links to your website within your uploaded image and media files can drastically boost your visibility regarding popular search engine results.

4. Share Video Media

Along the same lines as using the traditional image and video media platforms to boost your website’s official URL; you can also share video media to increase the visibility you receive across multiple platforms simultaneously.

Sharing video media is possible whether you are using platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. It is also possible to share media directly on your official website, allowing users to copy and embed the video on their own pages. Video media is significantly more potent than traditional print and digital marketing forms, especially in an era where video media rules our world.

5. Provide Free Guides, Books, and Tutorials

One way to attract users to your website while spreading the word about your business is to provide free resources and downloadable items such as eBooks. Offering eBooks, tutorials, and free guides or PDF files is a great way to spread the word about your business and your official website. Along with promoting the content or information you want to share, offering free resources is one of the best ways to establish a reputation as an authoritative source in your market and industry.

You can provide free books, tutorials, and downloadable PDFs on your official website or using social media platforms that are relevant to your target audience. Include links to your official website and eCommerce store along with watermarks on any free material you provide for users to prevent others from stealing and redistributing your content without permission.

6. Enable Blog Comments

If you have a blog on your website, consider implementing and enabling comments. Allowing users the ability to leave comments is not only a way to build your interactive community online, but it is also a useful tool for boosting SEO, or search engine optimization, organically.

Using blog comments for SEO purposes is possible by allowing users to leave comments freely from all areas of the world. Comments that are relevant to the information you share ultimately help search engines properly index and promote your website for users who are also searching for similar content and information.

7. Offer Promotions, Discounts, and Exclusive Coupon Codes

One way to attract attention to any business or brand is to offer exclusive benefits. Offering promotions, discounts, and coupon codes to loyal readers, subscribers, or past customers is a way to keep users coming back for more. You can also use exclusive discount codes and promotional offers to encourage users to register as a member of your online community or to subscribe to your mailing list(s).

8. Create Email Newsletters

Although it may seem outdated, using an email newsletter is still one of the best ways to generate and direct online traffic. Email newsletters are more intimate than traditional online or social media advertising, providing you with a singular platform to share your ideas and promote your products without external distractions.

Use an email newsletter to incentivize readers to visit your website with exclusive promotions or events that are only accessible to current subscribers. You can also use email newsletters to keep users informed of the latest news from your company as well as any products or services you intend to release soon.

Tapping into underutilized traffic sources for your own business, brand, or idea is not only a way to cut back on traditional marketing budgets, but it is also a way to connect with as wide of an audience as possible. By understanding different traffic sources that are beneficial to your own business and audience, maximize your reach and visibility online and locally, regardless of the industry you currently represent.

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