Great leaders have many important qualities that make them successful. Leaders with a strong sense of self-awareness and the ability to lead by example are among the most valuable. Your personal and professional lives can both benefit from developing self-leadership skills. The purpose of this article is to explain what self-leadership is, why it’s important, and what you can do to develop your own self-leadership.

 But before we dive in, first things first:

What is Self-leadership?

Self-leadership refers to the practice of positively influencing your thoughts, emotions, and actions. As a practice, it helps you become more responsible, effective, and excellent in what you do. That said, it would help if you had the following:

  • Your values
  • Your goals
  • A concrete plan to achieve those goals

For self-leadership to benefit you adequately, you’ll also need to take care of yourself continuously. In other words, you need to dedicate coaching and self-evaluation time. This way, you will be able to know which areas you should improve. Or what bad habits you should quit.

 When you can self-lead yourself, you can develop yourself, manage your energy, and perform at the highest level.

The only challenge about achieving it is that it needs some degree of commitment. Without any form of commitment, it would be nearly impossible to become a self-leader.

 There are crucial traits that can help you develop self-leadership.

Let’s examine each other.

Top traits to develop self leadership

1. Self-awareness

If you’re self-aware, it becomes pretty easy for you to develop self-leadership. You’ll also be able to set realistic goals for yourself. Additionally, you’ll have the drive to accomplish those goals.

2. Motivation

Motivation is the fuel you’ll need to take you close to your dreams. Without motivation, it’s impossible to have the drive to continue pursuing your dreams when the going gets tough.

3. Decision-making

Your ability to make decisions will help you to self-lead yourself. And when you can self-lead, you’ll be able to solve your challenges quickly.

4. Dedication

When you’re dedicated to your purpose, you’ll be focused, and when you’re focused, you’ll self-lead.

5. Influence

Influence is another essential attribute of being a great self-led professional. Your influence on others will not only make you successful but help you control your emotions, too.

6. Empathy

When you’re empathic, you’ll understand other people’s emotions easily.

7. Social skills

With it, you can build strong relationships, respect, and trust with excellent social skills.

Here is Why Self-leadership is Essential

Know why self leadership is essential

1. It helps you accomplish professional goals

If your goal is to accomplish professional goals, you will need self-leadership to stay on the course. First, you will have the necessary self-discipline to pursue those goals. For instance, if there are several books that you need to read, you will read them all.

Secondly, if there are specific assignments that you need to submit, you will make sure that you complete them on time.

In the business environment, it will also help you pursue organizational goals. Fortunately, you won’t need anyone to remind you of what you should be doing. You’ll always make a point of honoring all your promises and exceeding customers’ needs.

2. It helps you to be more productive

One of the benefits of using self-leadership is that you will be more productive. You wouldn’t need anyone to remind you of what you should be doing. You will take the right action and help your organization meet its monthly or yearly targets.

Additionally, you will manage time better than anyone who doesn’t use it. When there is a problem, you won’t wait for someone to fix it. But you will use a proactive approach to resolve the problem for the entire team’s benefit.

3. It keeps you motivated and accountable

When you’re motivated, you’ll be accountable for your actions. At the same time, you’ll be in the best position to acquire new skills and explore new opportunities.

Self-leadership allows you to influence others to take action and meet the organization’s goals. Besides helping you achieve your personal goals for your life and career, the benefits of self-leadership include: keeping you motivated and accountable.

By implementing modern self-leadership techniques, you’ll reduce employee stress, and improve internal or external relationships. At the helm of leadership, you’ll encourage higher productivity levels from each team member, boosting the overall efficiency of your company’s operations.

4. It allows you to build stronger relationships

There is no other practical way of building solid relationships than using self-leadership. When you have the ability to lead yourself, it becomes easy to influence others to follow you.

Besides, once people notice your dedication, talent, and skills, they will be willing to associate with you.

5. It inspires others to follow your lead

Every charismatic leader we know has self-leadership skills. From Nelson Mandela to Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa. Which common trait do all those leaders share? Self-awareness.

Charismatic leaders need to demonstrate emotional intelligence, empathy, inclusion, mindfulness and learning agility. And they can’t demonstrate any of those strengths unless they are self-aware.

6. It helps you to be self-reliant

When you self-lead yourself, you don’t have to wait for your manager to support you. You can keep yourself motivated to complete the project at hand.

7. It allows you to create a positive work/life balance

Interestingly, you won’t have trouble creating a positive work/life balance if you’re a self-led professional.

8. It creates honesty

It is no surprise that most professionals who can self-lead themselves are likely to be trustworthy.

Tips for Achieving Self-leadership

Self leadership achieving tips

For self-leadership to be beneficial to you, specific strategies can help you. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Change your mindset

Your mindset is the first thing that you need to change. Although changing a mindset is one of the most challenging things.

The good news is that if you invest time in engaging your mindset, you’ll eventually change it.

Start by evaluating your weaknesses and see if there is room for improvement. Then come up with a plan that you’ll use to improve yourself.

2. Decide on your values

How you lead yourself and others will depend on your values. If you don’t have precise values, motivating others or even leading them will be an uphill battle.

3. Establish a common leadership language

If you and your managers want to achieve a common goal, it helps to speak the same language. For example, you and managers may apply this language if you have subordinates that you need to evaluate. If there are any changes, make sure that everyone is on the same page.

4. Come up with a leadership plan

Your self-leadership style will only be effective if a proper plan is in place. Hence, you should plan every task and activity to achieve all your goals. While at it, ensure that the plan also accommodates your leadership development.

5. Always make sure you’re proactive.

When you have values, goals, and plans, you should be ready to be proactive. Whenever there is a need for your decision-making, problem-solving skills, or leadership, you will be ready to use those skills.

Final Thoughts

Self-leadership has become more crucial than before. Yet, there’s a misconception that you’ll need an MBA to become a leader. Nothing could be further than the truth.
With proper training, nearly everyone can become a leader. Hence, we are about to share some valuable self-leadership tips with you.

Lastly, most people consider self-leadership only in an organizational context. But self-leadership in its application is broader than that. For instance, you can apply self-leadership to your family or community.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that you should be able to lead yourself and others effectively. That means you need to be in a position to manage your emotions consciously.

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