What are Surveys?

In the mid-’90s, I was approached by a marketer running a focus group about toothpaste. I don’t recall what the payment for participating was. Still, the whole thing boiled down to using a couple of different kinds of toothpaste and then using an actual pencil to answer some questions on real paper – in person, in some back office at the mall!

The traditional in-person focus groups from the mid-’90s are now replaced by online platforms like Biz-Buzz, allowing participants to share their opinions through surveys and polls in the comfort of their homes, earning rewards in the process.

Biz-Buzz is a place where you can get paid to participate in focus groups and earn rewards from the comfort of your home. It is an online community that provides polls, quizzes, and surveys for moms to earn rewards by sharing their opinions. By completing various surveys and polls, you can be heard and earn rewards for providing your input.

Yes, they are entirely legitimate. Biz-Buzz is one of the few places that gives you gift cards from your favorite stores, such as Target, Visa, Starbucks, Amazon, etc. While Biz-Buzz will need to pay more to live on, it is an excellent site for getting gift cards or having a passive income.
When you are ready to cash out, they will send you a gift card. They have a minimum threshold, but you can cash it out once you reach it or keep taking surveys until you reach a bigger payout.

Why Should Moms Sign Up for Biz-Buzz?

why to sign up for biz-buzz

Yes, in fact, moms should sign up for Biz-Buzz

Taking surveys is a fun way for moms to make their voices heard and be rewarded for it! Signing up for Biz-Buzz is an excellent way for moms to have their say and even influence the decisions of the brands they frequently purchase from. The platform provides users with surveys, polls, and quizzes on various topics.

Moms can earn gift cards for popular stores by completing surveys and polls on familiar topics.

What Is In It for You?

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Be heard by the companies who make the products that you buy
  • Have a passive income
  • Earn coupons and reward cards

How Much Money Can Moms Make on Biz-Buzz?

The general surveys available on the Biz-Buzz platform are adequate. The highest-paying survey was valued at $25, and the payout was satisfactory. Users may be selected for participation in specialized projects that offer higher compensation.

Until you get tapped for a particular project, you can work on the surveys on your dashboard. After a while, you will know how to spot the surveys that will be most worthwhile for you, meaning they pay more for less time. To make the most money, simply look at the payout for the study and then measure that against the estimated time to take the survey.

Sometimes, the higher-paying surveys are complicated, but I have earned as much as $25 for a study that took me not quite an hour. It isn’t much, but if you aren’t doing much else and would like to make easy money without having to think too hard or stress out about it, Biz-Buzz is a good deal.

You will get coupons for various products. Moreover, you can earn extra rewards by participating in campaigns and contests on their social media channels.

Is Biz-Buzz a Scam?

Given the value of data provided to companies that pay Biz-Buzz, some users have raised concerns about logging in or verifying LinkedIn accounts for cashing out. However, I did not face any issues while cashing out my rewards. It is important to note that the value of the data provided makes it unlikely that Biz-Buzz would risk its reputation by engaging in fraudulent activity over a relatively small amount of money.

Why Would Biz-Buzz Offer Paid Surveys for Moms? What’s the Catch?

Biz-Buzz offers paid surveys for moms and all other target groups to help companies gather valuable data from their target audiences, which can be used to improve their products, services, and marketing campaigns. As a revenue-generating platform, Biz-Buzz relies on its users to generate revenue by participating in surveys, polls, and other focus groups.

Additionally, companies can use Biz-Buzz to generate leads and sales by incentivizing users to provide their contact information, which can then be used to package special offers based on the information provided. Finally, by engaging with users through the platform, companies can use Biz-Buzz to build brand awareness and develop relationships with their target audiences.

What Do Companies Do With the Information that Survey Takers Provide on the Platform?

Companies use the information survey takers provide on Biz-Buzz to improve products, services, and marketing campaigns. This data helps businesses understand their target audiences better and make more informed decisions and understand what customers like you want so they can send exclusive special offers and promotions.

What Kinds of Surveys Are on Biz-Buzz?

Biz-Buzz offers a variety of surveys on different topics. Popular topics include IT, Business, Marketing, Finance and HR. The surveys are delivered through fun and easy polls or surveys on the site.

types of biz-buzz surveys for moms

If you are from industries like ITDM, FDM, BDM, HRDM, MDM, or SBO, then Biz-Buzz is the place to be.

You may be offered other topics based on what information you provide in your profile.
If you have some downtime and want something rewarding that doesn’t require deep thinking and doesn’t feel like work, sign up for Biz-Buzz and get started earning rewards from your favorite brands. It is one of the best sites for paid surveys for moms that I have found so far.

If you found this article informative, register with Biz-Buzz to receive important updates about online money-making opportunities.

– A simple review from a simple Biz-Buzz mom!

Sara Paul

I enjoy supporting ad hoc work at Biz-buzz as a primary research analyst. I usually write about marketing, business, finance, IT, and HR topics on social media, as I am more into marketing and business. As a podcaster and award-winning creative marketer, I still enjoy my pie on my couch, as should all right-thinking people.


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