Do you want to be a better communicator as a leader? It is important to note that your words are paramount for leadership communication success. As a leader, it is important to communicate clearly to everyone that you encounter in accordance with your business.

This may include managing any groups that are in your workplace and this starts with great communication. The matter of former communication, whether social media, e-mail, or face-to-face, is imperative to say what you mean for the first time.

Also, it is important to me what you say to everyone with whom you come in contact within your company. This means not being passive-aggressive, or shying away from any connected challenges. Great leaders take on challenges directly as far as communication is concerned.

Why is Communication Important in Leadership?

Imagine a world in business without effective communication from leaders. How would a business succeed without appropriate leadership and breaking communication with every member of the company?

Although there are many non-fiction and fiction books about business communication, such as Gene Kim’s The Unicorn Project, putting leadership communication into practice every day in a business takes high-quality practice over quantity.

Statistics show that 55% of employees have reported not being given instructions clearly. Likewise, up to almost 70% of managers and supervisors do not communicate with their employees (in a general sense) because they do not feel comfortable doing so.

Communication is important in any company setting because it helps companies thrive overall. Can you imagine a setting where leaders stop communicating officially not only with other personnel but with employees as well?

This can create dysfunction in several ways, including frustration from employees, and ultimately a slow collapse of an entire company. Leadership communication is important because you can gain respect from colleagues, and everyone that works in the company. It is possible to increase trust, motivation, productivity, and revenue just by communicating successfully as a leader!

What is Leadership Communication?managers leadership communication skills

Although leadership communication can seem like a solo endeavor, it is actually a collaborative effort. Miller ship communication is defined as using any format or self as a way of delivering information to employees and colleagues.

The way that this information is delivered can be verbal, through social media, newsletters, body language, and even the tone of your voice. Even your energy levels displayed to your colleagues and employees is a type of communication. 

Communicating as a leader involves sharing information with people in your company about new changes that may or will occur. This can involve the culture of the company, maybe a change in core values, any critical messages to encourage employees, a company’s mission statement, and more.

How to Improve Leadership Communication

Communication is an important skill that can be mastered, and over time can be sharpened until you have your own unique communication style. One of the most important ways that you can improve communication as a leader is by being authentic. 

Being authentic means that you stand by your company’s mission, and stick to a code of ethics. This means that you remain true to your colleagues and employees. It is important to be your true self and not pretend to be someone other than your true self. 

This does not mean that you must show specific emotions, or always say what is on your mind. Remaining authentic as a leader creates a foundation for trust and respect from colleagues.

Leadership Communication Skills

There are an array of leadership communication skills that you should be aware of, and the focus of this section is to better understand communication style. Communication styles overlap with other skills as far as communication is concerned.

When talking about how to improve leadership communication, it is worth re-mentioning that authenticity is important. When this is a strong point in a communication style this is called an approachable type of communication.

Approachability is important, it is paramount when leading a company in any position. Yet, when this is at the forefront, approachability is a style of communication. This business communication style comprises warmth, drive, and being authentic.

Effective Leadership Communication Strategies

There are many ways that you can become an effective leader that uses communication strategies to improve yourself and the company that you work for.

To better understand this concept, it is best to use an analogy such as basketball to better understand communication strategies. Communication as a leader is like the sport of basketball, and here is what this means.Leadership skills of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird

Two of the greatest players in basketball include Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. They were both leaders in the entire NBA (National Basketball Association) for their respective teams. Here are the skills that they have that can be rolled over to communication strategies, and you can tailor these tips for leadership communication to your specific situation:

Effective Communication Skills

  1. Both Michael Jordan and Larry Bird used timing to win championships and to communicate with teammates during the game. In the same way, it is imperative to know the right moments to communicate specific information to individuals or groups of people in a company.
  2. Like a winning three-point shot in a basketball game, selecting the right words to say can build up a business. You can consider this as a method to achieve clear communication because it requires you to feel and think like your audience.
  3. To win in business requires you to have confidence. This is especially regarding communication skills. You must display confidence through your body language and your words without being arrogant.
  4. To be an effective leader and to have great communication, you must have the courage to do so. This requires a lot of energy and enthusiasm as a leader for successful collaborative efforts in a company.
  5. Communication as a leader also involves listening to your colleagues and employees carefully. Listening is a skill that can elevate your communication style when done correctly. This requires being patient and having a keen sense of understanding for others.
  6. Being a good communicator means knowing how to prioritize, and organization is key as a leader. This means talking precisely to employees and others, and saying exactly what you mean the first time.
  7. A tip to understand how you can be aware of what kind of leader you are is to have a keener sense of self-awareness about your leadership style. This requires you to be extremely truthful, completely sincere, and self-assess your skills as a leader.
  8. A great way to figure out more about yourself as a leader is by using an assessment. An excellent idea is to take the MBTI test (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) to better understand how you can improve.

A leader that has a stronger sense of approachability has a superior level of emotional intelligence.


Being an effective communicator can both accelerate your business and your life as a leader. There are many ways to effectively increase your success as a leader while communicating with others.

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