It’s critical to track the progress of your business data to get valuable feedback on whether or not the business objectives are being addressed.

With business data tracking, you can know where the inefficiencies are and how to improve them.

A study by Skynova shows that 64% of business owners and executives collect data on their customers from their social media sites.

study by Skynova

Therefore, you need to obtain all the valuable information to identify ways to improve your service delivery and excite your customers.

In this article, we’ll go through Data tracking, metrics used, and the metrics’ benefits.

What is Data Tracking?

Data trafficking is the process of selecting specific metrics and events to track, collect, organize, and analyze the resulting data.

Data tracking gives businesses insight into customer behaviors on their web pages, landing pages, and more to deliver better experiences.

There are many metrics to track when it comes to sales and marketing. This guide will discuss three metrics to tell you more about your sales and marketing.

Below are the metrics that we will discuss;

  •     Video Tracking
  •     Form Tracking
  •     Download Tracking

Let’s check these out:

Video Tracking

Did you know that 83% of businesses depend on video marketing as a tool for business promotion?

83% of businesses depend on video marketing

Furthermore, video marketing is becoming more accessible due to improved internet connectivity globally, and 93% of businesses that use video marketing believe it’s an essential part of their marketing strategy.

Business video tracking is important because it helps to measure the performance of your video marketing strategy. This will help you improve its activity.

There are certain key performance indicators that you should track to measure your video’s success. This will enable you to identify what’s working and what isn’t.

The best way to know if your marketing strategy is a success is by tracking video metrics and tools that will help improve your customer engagement.

What Are The Benefits of Video Tracking In Business?

Below are the benefits you can get from video tracking in your business.

  • It lets businesses know how often the target audience plays their videos.
  • It helps you know how often your video is shared on social media and how long users watch videos.
  • It helps determine your video Impressions–how many times a video shows up in a user’s feed as an ad or post.
  • Click-Through Rate: How many users click through a CTA on a video?
  • It helps to determine Click-Through rates and how many customers click to play your videos.
  • It helps you determine how many customers finish watching your videos
  • It provides insight into where customers are finding your videos

How To Use Video To Promote Your Business

Videos provide a visual way to sell your business. You can make videos with guides on using your services or videos of your staff working on orders. You can provide video tours of your business to show clients your processes, and lastly, you can use videos to showcase your corporate social responsibility.

Why Are Videos Important?

Why Are Videos Important?

Below are reasons you should use videos in your social media.

  •     Videos stay visible longer on social platforms
  •     Get more exposure and engagement
  •     Increase the understanding of your product by consumers
  •     Provide a more personable way to engage with your audience
  •     Are powerful sales tool
  •     Rank higher in SEO
  •     Are growing in popularity across platforms

What Are The Benefits Of Video Ads?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of video ads:

  • Engagement is higher with video ads
  • A video ad generates more revenue
  • Brands come to life with video ads
  • Videos boost search engine visibility

What Are The Benefits Of Video Marketing?

Video marketing has benefits that can help you improve your business brand.

Here are some of the benefits:

  •     Credibility and trust are built through video marketing
  •     Sharing videos on social media encourages engagement
  •     Email marketing can be enhanced with video marketing
  •     Conversion rates increase with video
  •     Search engine optimization is boosted by video marketing

 Video marketing is now the content strategy leader in the marketing world and is the content your audience expects in the future. Therefore, the earlier you get started with videos, the better your success in the long run.

Form Tracking

Form tracking is analyzing and interpreting the data generated by forms on your website. These Form tracking analytics tools and metrics give you clear insight into how users interact with you and help you understand who is filling out your forms and how they’re filling them out.

What Are The Benefits Of Form Tracking?

Form tracking comes with benefits that can improve your business operations.

Below are some of the benefits;

Customer Journey Tracking

Tracking before and after a form submission is important to understand a customer’s entire journey on your website. You will have data about their interactions with various sites before they submit the form.

Furthermore, you can use the data to identify areas of improvement on your website and act on them.

Measure Of Sales Funnel Performance

Knowing the entire journey of customers on your business website will enable you to track the entire performance of your sales funnel.

You’ll have insights and be able to identify underperforming stages and optimize those with ease and increase efficiency.

Marketing Performance Tracking

Form tracking allows you to track the performance of each lead generation campaign in real-time. It also makes it possible to assess the quality of leads being generated based on the data provided by customers.

Marketing Attribution

Form tracking can increase the level of the marketing attribution you conduct because you can analyze and track data of the entire customer’s journey.

Sync Data Directly To Your CRM

Form tracking makes it easy to collect data. With the right tools, you can automate the process of syncing the data collected by forms with your Customer Relationship Management.

You must understand how people are interacting with your forms so that you can make adjustments to improve them.

Download Tracking

Tracking file downloads on your business website can help you better understand your best-performing file downloads and analyze what makes them so popular.

This data makes you know your consumer’s needs and how you can improve your services.

Importance of Download Tracking

Here are some of the important of download tracking;

  • It helps you discover your best-selling product
  • It allows you to control unauthorized file redistribution
  • It enables you to restrict file downloads only to paying client
  • You can use the data to develop and launch products that are more likely to succeed

Tracking download metrics beyond the number of downloads can help you to understand lead magnates” true impact on your business.

Most of these metrics can be tracked in your email marketing, CRM, or landing page platform.

Google Analytics and Download Monitors are some of the tools you can use to track downloads from your website.

You can digitize your business tracking to improve efficiency and ensure that your business website is always tracked.


Video tracking, Form tracking, and download tracking are important in ensuring that your digital marketing strategy pays off. It helps you to get more information on how you can improve service delivery to your consumers.

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