Every opinion requires a platform where the opinion can be voiced, heard, consumed and debated. As a society, we thrive on such platforms for the greater good of the individual and the community. The business world is no exception. The right advice and an unbiased opinion are extremely beneficial in order to make critical business decisions, test upcoming products and concepts in the industry, seamlessly execute various marketing strategies and establish a strong brand.

Since insights from experts can often shape the trajectory of an industry, engaging with such experts from time to time via market research activities is what all new age organizations do to assess their present and position themselves for the future.

Biz-Buzz is one such B2B market research platform where industry experts from various fields come together to share their opinion on new age solutions and earn a handsome honorarium in the process. It is a marketplace where insights seekers engage with decision makers via online surveys, discussion forums, qualitative research activities, etc. to refine and/or define the future of their respective industries.

Signing up for Biz-Buzz is easy and free. As a first-time user, you’ll also receive a welcome bonus when you register. Also, as a panelist, you can take advantage of all the features available on the platform and enjoy the benefits of being a part of the community. So don’t wait, register with Biz-Buzz today and make the most of it!

Signing up is simple

Signing up is simple

  1. Visit the registration page
  2. Enter your business/ professional email address or LinkedIn account details
  3. Answer a few questions to check your eligibility to participate on the platform
  4. Click Finish to complete the process.
  5. Log in to the dashboard and you’re all set to participate in our research projects and earn a handsome honorarium

Here’s how to register for the elite panel?

Step 1: Visit the registration section of the official Biz-Buzz website.


Step 2: Click on Register if you are a new joiner. If you’re an existing user and want to navigate to the survey dashboard, click on Login.
RegisterStep 3: To begin the registration process, enter your business/ professional email address. You can also use your LinkedIn account to join Biz-Buzz


a. Alternatively, once you’ve verified the business/professional email OR LinkedIn profile, you can opt to use a preferred email to receive communications from the Biz-Buzz team.

registration process

b. You will be asked to verify the OTP sent to the business/professional email (and the preferred email if the preferred email is different from the business/professional email)

Step 4: Answer the demographic questions and eligibility questions

registration processStep 5: Once the eligibility is confirmed, click Finish


Now it’s time to learn about the industries!

Let’s look at each of the industries that Biz-Buzz focuses on and find out what happens after we receive the data from all the experts.

1. IT decision makers: Your inputs will assist in identifying gaps in the existing IT/Hi-Tech processes, creating and improving IT infrastructure and building new technology solutions. You will be compensated for sharing your opinions with the biggest brands in the world!

How will your input be applied?

Your input will help to test upcoming products and concepts in the industry, among other things. In addition, it will provide an opportunity to learn more about purchasing processes, IT protocols, and systems.

2. Marketing decision makers: Your insights will aid in the development and improvement of global marketing, advertising and PR strategies.

How will your input be applied?

Your knowledge will guide major brands in tailoring their campaigns while optimizing budget and resources.

3. Financial decision makers: Your suggestions will aid in the creation and betterment of financial audit & compliance procedures, taxation policies, spending plans and general financial management principles.

How will your input be applied?

You will assist in realizing better financial performance analysis and reporting,  accounting policies and financial forecasting.

4. HR decision makers: Your ideas will support the advancement of innovative employee engagement & management, diversity and inclusivity governance, HR analytics solutions and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

How will your input be applied?

Your insights will drive the creation of futuristic HR policies and practices to fuel organizational growth and societal upliftment.

5. Business decision makers: Your ideas will contribute to building better operational processes, setting up new age business units, making strategic investment decisions and improving corporate governance procedures.

How will your input be applied?

The life of a business decision maker is very dynamic and insights from your everyday life will fuel and drive the evolution of business decision making across organizations.

6. Small business owners: Your recommendations will contribute to the development of regulatory, governance, financial and operational solutions in the field of small and medium enterprises/businesses.

How will your input be applied?

Small businesses comprise roughly 80%-90% of any country’s organizational makeup. Decisions involving how to set up a small business, what size of the workforce to onboard, what kind of compliance procedures to adhere to, how to organize the supply chain and what are critical investments to make require clear thinking, rational mindset and most importantly, industry experience. This is where your input will be of utmost value.

Where can you find us:

We are available on most social media platforms. Find the links below-:

Sara Paul

I enjoy supporting ad hoc work at Biz-buzz as a primary research analyst. I usually write about marketing, business, finance, IT, and HR topics on social media, as I am more into marketing and business. As a podcaster and award-winning creative marketer, I still enjoy my pie on my couch, as should all right-thinking people.

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